How to use the Wiki course element

Wiki is a set of pages of a certain subject. Users of the wiki can modify and comment on existing pages, create new ones. It is possible to fill information in by working groups.

To work with the wiki on the site, you need to go to the subject in which the wiki element is located. For example, let’s have a look at the course "Functional programming", where the element of the course "wiki" has the title "Wiki. Lazy evaluation" (Picture 1).

Picture 1 - Main page of the course on the e-learning server.

Clicking the left mouse button on the selected area will redirect you to the page for adding material (Picture 2).

< >

Picture 2 - Page for creating new material.

The material on the topic "Lazy Evaluation" from the course "Functional Programming" is used as content.

To create a page, fill in the required fields. After entering a title of the created page and selecting a format you must click on the "Create Page" button. For more convenient text formatting, it is recommended that you use the "HTML" format. The result is shown in Picture 3

Picture 3 - Editing a page.

The editing page hase basic properties of a text editor.

To make the title for the material, you need to highlight the words you are interested in, then click on the pop-up list at number 2 and select the "Heading 1" item. To center it, click on the area under number 3.

If you want to create a hyperlink referring to an electronic resource, you need to perform step-by-step actions, which are highlighted in Picture 4.

Picture 4 - Window for creating a hyperlink in the material.

Having selected the word of interest with the mouse cursor, you need to click on the icon, which is under number 2. Then a pop-up window will appear, with which you can set the basic properties of the hyperlink (Picture 5).

Picture 5 - Hyperlink Edit pop-up window.

In the "Link address" box, the address of the electronic resource is entered. To finish adding a hyperlink, click the "Insert" button.

Adding an image is realized in several ways: by adding a link to the image and by downloading the image from the computer. Picture 6 shows an example of downloading an image from a computer.

Picture 6 - Adding an image to the material.

Clicking on the button highlighted in Picture 6 will bring up a pop-up window for inserting or editing the image (Picture 7).

Picture 7 - Pop-up window for editing the image.

To add an image from an electronic resource, you must enter a link to the image in the "Image address". To upload the image from the computer, click on the area highlighted in Picture 7, then the pop-up window will offer you to select the file to upload. (Picture 8).

Picture 8 - Pop-up window for selecting a file.

The selection of the image for uploading is implemented by means of interaction on the button "Select a file".  To download the selected image, click on the "Upload this file" button, after which the window will change. Click on the "Paste" button to add the image to the material.

In the "Appearance" tab, you can change the size of the image display (Picture 9).

Picture 9 - Resizing the image.

The size of the image will change after changing the selected values. To save the changed parameters, click the "Update" button.

Click the “Save” button to add material to the site (Picture 10).

Picture 10 - Saving the material on the site.

The result of the publication of the material in the wiki is shown in Picture 11.

Picture 11 - Result of adding material to the "Wiki" course element.

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