How to independently enroll in the discipline

To access a particular course, you must be authorized on the e-learning website of Mari State University. After authorization, the main window of the site opens, for example: (Picture 1).

Picture 1 - Main page of the e-learning server of Mari State University after a user’s authorization.


There are several ways to go to the course. For example, we use the entry for the course "Web Programming".

Method 1

The main page contains the courses available to the user. If there is no necessary course on the list, it is possible to find it and sign up for it.

The left side of the main page contains the "Navigation" section. Select the "Courses" field as shown in Picture 2.

Picture 2 – Selecting the "Courses" box.


After selecting the "Courses" box, the user enters the page with the choice of the faculty / school/ institute. The required course belongs to t a certain faculty (Picture 3). For example, the course "Web-programming" is located at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

Picture 3 - Selection of the faculty.


Further, in order to follow to the selection of courses, choose the direction of training or major. Picture 4 shows the choice of the direction "Information systems software and administration ".

Picture 4 - Screenshot of the list of directions and specialties at the faculty.

Then select a year of studies. For example, the course "Web-programming" is located in the third year’s catagory (Picture 5).

Picture 5 – Selecting the year of studies.

After selecting the year of studies, a page opens with a proposed list of disciplines and peofessors (Picture 6).

Picture 6 - List of subjects of the selected year number.

Method 2

On the main page below the available courses there is a text box with the title "Search for a course." Enter the title of the discipline, for example "Web programming" (Picture 7).

Picture 7 - Entering the title of the discipline.

After you have entered the name of the course, click the left mouse button on "Apply” (Picture 8).

Picture 8 - Search result window.

Method 3

On the main page of the site below the available courses, click on the link "All Courses" (Picture 9).

Picture 9 - "All courses" field selection window.

The next step is selecting a faculty. In this case, the “The faculty of Physics and Mathematics” (Picture 10).

Picture 10 – Selecting a faculty.


After selecting the faculty, the window for selecting a specialty / direction of training / major will open. For quick access to the course, for example, "Web-programming", you click on the "Course Category" box with the right mouse button (Picture 11).

Picture 11 - Selecting a category of courses.

Further in the pop-up menu A faculty, specialty and course are selected from the pop-up menu. In our case, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics / 010500.62 Information systems software and administration / III course (Picture 12).


Picture 12 - Drop-down menu of course categories.


After selecting an item from the pop-up menu you go to the page containing a list of disciplines. You select a course from the given list (Picture 13).

Picture 13 - Selection of a subject.


Course Information

The next step is to get assigned to the course. To get assigned, you need to know the code word. The code word for entering the course is given by the teacher. After filling the text field in with the code word, you need to click on the button "Get assigned to the course" (Picture 14).

Picture 14 – How to get assigned to a course.

As a result, the user has got assigned to the course "Web-programming". In this course you can find:

  • Forums
  • Materials of educational-methodical complex
  • Exam questions
  • Documents
  • Lectures

There is a brief annotation and basic concepts of the lecture on each topic, as well as a complete list of literature on this topic. After each topic, there are assignments for laboratory work (Picture 15).

Picture 15 - Themes of lectures of the first topic in the subject "Web programming".

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