How to pass the test


A test is an examination of residual knowledge of a subject. A test consists of an ordered list of questions selected from the topic's database, subject or several subjects, and has a single assessment calculated as a weighted sum of assessments of all questions. Tests on the e-learning server are indicated by the sign .

To select and pass a test, find it in the current course as shown in Picture 1.

Picture 1 - Main page of the course

To go to the test, click on its title with the left mouse button (Picture 2). The window, which emerges as a result, provides such information as thr title of the test, the time when the test is opened, the time to complete the test, the time limit for passing, etc.

To start the test, click on the "Start testing" button.

Picture 2 – How to start a test

After clicking on the "Start testing" button, a window opens to inform you about the properties of the test and requires confirmation to start the test. The properties can be the time limit and the number of attempts for passing the test (Picture 3). To start the attempt, click on the “Start Attempt” button.

Picture 3 – How to confirm the start of the test

Next, a window appears with the test questions (Picture 4).

Picture 4 – Window with questions


To pass the test, you must answer the test questions:

1) by selecting one response from a set of responses (Picture 5);

2) by matching (Picture 6);

3) multiple choice from the given set of answers (Picture 7);

4) by entering a short answer to the question (Picture 8).

Answers to the questions can be of various types (we presented four most common types).

Picture 5 - Selection of one answer

Picture 6 - Matching

Picture 7 - Multiple choice

Picture 8 - Short answer to the question

After answering the questions, click the "Next" button to complete the test.

Picture 9 – Completing attempt

A window appears in which you can see the status of the answers to the test questions. If the question was not answered, there is an indication against this question that there is no answer (Picture 10). To answer the remaining questions of the test, click on the "Return to attempt" with the left mouse button.

Picture 10 - Status of answers to test questions

In order for the attempt to be accepted, you must complete the test and send the data to the server using the "Send all and complete the test" button (Picture 12).

Picture 12 - Completion of the test

After completing the test, a window with results appears. This window shows the number of correct answers, the score for the test (Picture 13). If you click on the "View" with the left mouse button, you can see information about previously selected answers, and, in some cases, if the answer is correct or not.

Picture 13 - Test results

Picture 14 - Viewing the given answers

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