Passage of e-lectures

With the development of information technologies in education, an educational resource has appeared, such as electronic lectures. Electronic lectures are understood as a set of educational materials in electronic form, which includes the text of lectures, demonstration material, additional information on the topic of lectures, etc., designed as separate files. Note that in the electronic lecture the continuation of the study of the material may depend on the answers to the control questions.

An electronic lecture is indicated by an icon(picture 1).

Picture 1 - Screenshot of one topic of the course


To pass the lecture, click on the link to the lecture, as shown in picture 2

Picture 2 - Screenshot illustrating the transition by reference

  for the necessary lecture

After clicking on the link, a window will appear with the first part of the electronic lecture, for example, as shown in Picture 3.

Picture 3 - Screenshot illustrating the start .

 page of the lecture

After studying a part of the lecture, at the end of the page there is a navigation button depending on the specific course. In this case, there is a button with the content "Continue studying the lecture, answering the test questions", which is shown in picture 4. To continue the study, you must click the left button of the mouse on this button.

Picture 4 - Screenshot illustrating

 the continuation of the study of the lecture.

In order to answer, on control questions, it is necessary:

1. Enter values in the field, as, for example, shown in picture 5.

Picture 5 - Screenshot illustrating the input of the value in the field.


2. Выбирать из предоставленных вариантов один ответ, как показано на рисунке 6.

Picture 6 - Screenshot illustrating the choice of the answer

from the provided options


3. Select the correct answer from the drop-down list, as shown in picture 7.

Picture 7 - Screenshot illustrating the choice

of the correct answer from the drop-down list.


After passing the entire lecture at the end of the page, there will be a navigation button with the content, in this case, "Finish the lecture", which is shown in picture 8.

Picture 8 - Screenshot illustrating the end of the lecture.


After clicking the "End a lecture" button, the next page, shown in Picture 9, will be displayed, which shows the score for the answers to the questions.

Picture 9 - A screenshot that shows the completion of the lecture.


After the lecture is over, it is possible to look at the assessment for passing the lecture by clicking on the specific link shown in picture 10.

Picture 10 - Screenshot illustrating the link for viewing the evaluation.


After going through this link, the assessment will be shown on a five-point scale for passing the lecture, which is shown in picture 11.

Picture 11 - Screenshot illustrating the evaluation view.

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