Update your profile

Each student is given an opportunity to set his profile. The "Settings" block is on the left side of the page as shown in Picture 1.

Picture 1 User's home page


To start changing your profile, you need to follow to the menu item "Edit information" (Picture 2).

Go to the "Basic" section. Boxes marked with an asterisk are mandatory. An example is shown in Picture 3.

Picture 3 - Filling in boxes of the main section.


You can upload a photo or a picture. To do this, go to "User’s Image" section. After uploading an image, it is displayed in the upper right corner of your profile, as shown in Picture 4.

Picture 4 - Screenshot illustrating the section "User’s Image".


You are free to decide whether to fill in the sections "Interests" and "Optional” or not. They are optional and shown in Picture 5.

Picture 5 - Sections "Interests" and "Optional "


When you have finished editing your profile, click on the "Update profile" button (Picture 6).

Picture 6 - Position of the "Update profile" sign



The "Settings" section of the "Messaging" allows you to set notification methods of incoming messages when a user logs on to the site and when they are offline. An example of the settings is shown in Picture 7.

Picture 7 - Settings of "Messaging"


For convenience, each user can upload their personal files and documents to their profile. To do this, go to the "My personal files" section, which is located in the "Navigation" block, as shown in Picture 8.

Picture 8 - "My personal files".

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