Navigation by the course

After logging in to the website «» you can see the page with a list of available courses.

Each course matches one discipline. The course is a set of learning materials that include the following objects:

  • Resources (theoretical part)
  • Elements (practical part)
  • Assessment
  • Roll book

A navigation block is used for navigation and is always on the left of any page of the course. (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Screenshot of the main page of the course

Navigation allows jumping to the home page from any page of the site by left-clicking on the link «The main page» (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Navigation

The elements of the course are located in the central part of the main page of the course in the corresponding sections (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Screenshot of the section "My courses"

In the sections you can see the names of the teachers and disciplines, description of the courses.

Left-click on the corresponding section of the main page to browse to the course section you need.

For example, in Figure 4 the course «Сomputer system architecture and networks» is presented.

Picture 4. Screenshot of the course «Computer system architecture and networks»

In this section, the topic of the discipline «Computer system architecture and networks» is in the central part of the page. Such aspects as the plan, basic terms and categories, outlines of the seminars and literature are given there.

Tests, lectures, laboratory works and a link to the forum can be also attached to the topics. (Picture 5, Picture 6).

Picture 5. Screenshot of Topic 1 «Computer system architecture. Unconventional computer system architectures»

Picture 6. Laboratory works, tests and lectures

The object «Upcoming events» is located on the right of the browser. It can display information about the upcoming event here, for example, about passing a test or lectures.

Picture 7. Upcoming events

The names of the events and their deadlines are written here.

In the block of «Recent Activities», which is located on the right of the browser, you can find information about the recent activities, for example, you can read that a new test, a lecture, or a topic on the discussion board have just appeared (Picture 9).

Picture 9. Recent Activities

The calendar is presented in the object «Calendar», that is located on the right of the browser. Here the upcoming events are displayed and squared. (Picture 10)

Picture 10. Calendar

If you mouse over a required date, you can see a pop-up where the upcoming events are described. ( Picture 11)

Picture 11. Calendar, events

«Search forum» is on the right of the browser window. It allows you to search necessary information by a key word or phrase.(Picture 12)

Picture 12. Search Forum

«Latest news» is on the right side of the browser. The latest news of the course is given there. (Picture 13)

Picture 13. Latest news


In «Settings» located on the left side of the browser, you can find the object «Assessment». (Picture 7)

Picture 8. Settings

If you want to see your course grades, left-click on this object.

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